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I consider myself first of all as an eternal student. In yoga one is never ready, and that is a wonderful thing. Yoga is about the journey and not the destination. The journey will take us through exquisite landscapes, high mountains and deep valleys. The only destination is to be right here, resting in our own self. The practice of yoga removes gradually the layers of inner conditioning, until our authentic and essential being is revealed. Yoga is more about being than doing. But in order to become skilful in being, there are some things we can do.


Yoga is much more than the physical asana practice. Asanas are a wonderful and necessary tool to keep the body healthy, youthful and strong. The main purpose of asanas is to allow the body to sit pain free in meditation. The practices of pranayama, meditation and states of samadhi (unification of one’s consciousness with the universal consciousness) are traditionally the deeper practices of yoga, and together with the  inner attitudes and ethical principles they consist the true core of yoga practice. Yoga is practiced on and off the yoga mat, and there are ways for everyone to embark on the meaningful journey of yoga.


Teaching yoga allows my passion to be my purpose. I am studying with my teachers, and gratefully passing on the knowledge and wisdom to my students. Yoga is taught within lineages of teachers passing their life purpose to their students. I am grateful to be part of such lineages, being a pearl in the great universal necklace.