Workshops, Courses and Retreats
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Workshops, Courses and Retreats


Relational Awakening Retreat
This retreat is a deep inquiry into oneself and the healing and transformative power of human relationships. Through movement, NVC and embodied presencing based practices we have the chance to explore the relational field; what nourishes you? What brings you joy and pleasure? How does it feel to be seen and heard? How is it to tap into your deeper needs and to accept them? Do you sacrifice your truth for the acceptance of others? Do you feel your boundaries and can you communicate them?
The retreat offers a safe, diverse and creative platform through which we can experientially face the possibilities and challenges of human relationships. We deepen our awareness and understanding concerning our difficulties, approach them directly, yet in a sensitive and respectful way, always listening to our and others boundaries. Interactional practices support us in deepening an open and honest communication with others. All this without forgetting laughter and playfulness!
During the retreat we immerse in the following topics:
*Conscious and creative relationship to self and others
*Radical honesty
*Identifying difficult emotions and practicing self-acceptance
*Identifying and communicating boundaries
*Pleasing others v’s courage to be oneself
*Authentic intimacy and conscious erotism
*Deep sense of belonging in a group
*Relaxation and rest
In addition to the interactional practices, we nourish our bodies daily with gentle yoga and movement. Also we have plenty of free slots in the schedule for shared quality time, walks in the forest, dancing, singing and sauna. The retreat is open for anyone with a genuine interest in the potential of human relationships, with or without a partner.
The methods and practices used on the retreat are based on the facilitator’s years of experience and study in the fields of awareness, psychotherapy, consciousness skills, dance, movement, tantra, embodiment, meditation and yoga.
We will stay in a beautiful retreat centre in the quiet countryside of southern Finland. An old village school building situated in the middle of fields and forests will offer generous space to practice and rest. The venue provides an atmosphere of calm and simplicity with beautiful surroundings that invite for walks and contemplation. There are different options for accommodation that will be chosen during the registration. For more details, please visit:
We will have three meals per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our catering is taken care of by two amazing culinary crafters, Saija Sarell and Petteri Niironen. They will cook us delicious vegan and gluten free food during the whole retreat. Water boilers and tea will be supplied all day.
-Bedding (sheets and covers or a sleeping bag)
-Warm and comfortable clothes suitable for sitting as well as for movement
-Pen and Paper / Notebook
-Water bottle
-Thermos flask if you would like to keep hot drinks on you during the day
-Personal hygiene and towel
This retreat is now being rescheduled because of the corona pandemia. New dates will be announced
**Earlybird** price (until 20.2.2019) 390€/320€ (full time students and unemployed). After this 430€/360€. The price includes the program, housing, three meals per day and sauna every night (payment plans available for those with low income).
To reserve your place please send an email to:
After receiving your email, we will send you payment info and some questions for you to answer like food allergies, accommodation preferences etc. Your place at the retreat will be secured after your registration and payment of a deposit of 100€. We have only 36 places available this year.
If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Come to deepen your knowledge of yoga at workshops and retreats.


Some of the workshops I keep are:


  • Vinyasa Intensive: Technical workshops on physical and energetic alignment


  • Yoga Intensive: Workshops on various themes like: Standing sequence, Back Bends Arm balances, Hip openers and Inversions


  • Mystic Yoga: Unique fusion between meditative, restorative yoga and mystical soundscapes crafter LIVE to support the practice. In collaboration with talented musician Mikko Heikinpoika.  Mystic Yoga


  • The Yoga of the 7 chakras: Tantric yoga practice consisting of asanas, pranayama exercises, visualization exercises and meditative practices to awaken and to balance all the seven chakras,  and to rise the energy of life towards the higher centers of consciousness


  • Live Ambient Yoga: in collaboration with an amazing musician Samuli Sailo, who creates live ambient soundscapes with the help of his voice, piano and guitar to soothe, to heal and to guide the yoga practitioners into deeper state of presence, relaxation and awareness.


  • The Depth of Pranayama


  • Yoga Philosophy


  • The Art of Meditation


  • Yoga Nidra and Lucid Dreaming



I hold retreats on beautiful locations in which we enjoy the sacred elements of the nature while practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation. Check the upcoming events for details!

Would you like to book a workshop or a retreat with me? Please send me a message! I would love to hear about your ideas, hopes and dreams.