About Gloria
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About Gloria

I’m a wild and free spirit, passionate yogini, someone who loves to dance, a loyal friend, an open minded traveller, an idealist, a happy vegetarian, an animal-rights advocate, a nature lover, a hippie at heart, an independent thinker, an universalist and also a stubborn woman with a strong will and still lots to learn.


Some facts and numbers:

I was born 1981 in Helsinki, Finland. I have had passion for paths of evolving consciousness since I was a child. I used to study yoga from my mother’s books and teach asanas to my classmates at school without having much of an idea of what I was doing.


I began more serious study of yoga at the age of 18. I practiced ashtanga yoga and the healing arts, and travelled to India to study yoga and ayurvedic yoga massage. After I came across the esoteric and tantric practices of yoga and meditation I committed myself to the ancient tantric tradition. At the age of 24 I moved abroad to live near my beloved teacher Advaita Stoian, in order to deepen my understanding of spirituality, yoga, tantra, meditation and self-inquiry. During my ashram years I graduated as a yoga teacher following the 2 year Yoga Teacher Training with the Atman Federation, and completed 2 years of Tantra for Women Teacher Training.


I have always had deep interest in human psyche and the different levels of a human being. The quest to understand the hidden potentials within led me to graduate with Masters of Social Sciences, majoring in Social Psychology. I wrote my Masters on Mindfulness Meditation and during my academic years combined social psychology studies with my personal experience in meditation.


2017 I graduated from the Atman International Tantra Teacher Training, which is a profound and vast tantra teacher program that lasted for 5 years. These five years were deeply transformative and healing, and gave me a strong impulse to live a tantric life and dedicate on sharing my experiences and gained knowledge with others.


2018 I participated yet to another yoga teacher training, this time with the world known yogi Gokulchandra Das and I practice daily according to the instructions of my wonderful teacher.


In addition to yoga and tantra I do have also other interests in life. I passionately practice dance whenever I find the time for it, and enjoy to travel and teach in different countries. During winters you most likely find me in Asia or South America.


I continue to be an incomplete human with a perfect spirit on this adventure through physical existence. I hope our paths will cross and we can learn from each other, to strip off the layers of illusory identity and reveal who we really are.